In most cases your contacts will get listed directly as you create a company from Manage Groups and Accounts.
Through manage group and accounts, you can add customers in the following way: 

  • Go to the manage groups and accounts on the top of the page and select current assets.
  • Under current asset, choose sundry debtors and from there create new option.
  • From create new option, select create account and then fill the required details and the account will be added in your contacts.

You can also directly add customers or vendors through contacts in the following ways:

  • Head to Contacts by clicking the notebook icon present in the left sliding pane
  • On the top right corner, you will find a drop down menu labeled Add. 
  • On clicking Add, you will find two options Add Vendor & Add Customer.

If it’s a customer you want to add a new customer in your contacts, select Add Customer. In the same way click on Add Vendor to add a vendor.

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