• Open Gateway of Tally and press F12 + Enter
  • Click on ProducT & Features
  • Press F4, Manage Local TDL and copy the TCP file path and paste here.
  • To get TCP file click Here or email to eagle@giddh.com or contact us @ +91-8818888764.
  • Press Enter to save the path of file.
  • Escape and again go to the Gateway of Tally menu.
  • Press F11, select Add-On Feature ( or press O) it will open the Add-On Feature page.
  • Add the company unique name in next field.
  • In the next field add your Auth Key.
  • If you are a existing user of giddh than log in your account to get the details if not then create an account in giddh by clicking here .

For getting the unique name of your company follow the below steps:

  • Go to Settings Menu from the top left corner and select profile tab.
  • Or Ctrl+K/Cmd+K search profile and enter.
  • Copy company Unique Name and save it in Tally.

Now to get the company authkey:

  • Click on your company shortcut icon present on top right corner and select API option then click on the Authkey tab.
  • Copy this Main Auth-Key to enter in Tally 
  • Escape and again go to the Gateway of Tally menu
  • Now select Sync Jason option from right hand side.

Now login into your giddh account select your company to check your tally data online into giddh.  

Start enjoying it :)”

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