A lot more you can do in the Invoices module. Let’s look into how you can do that.

  • To see all the list of invoice based on criteria Navigate to Menu > Invoice default you are on the Preview Tab.
  • You can apply a specific filters to list your invoices based on your criteria.
  • Set a filter by Account (select from drop-down), Description and Amount also select a data range filter to see the list of particular data range of invoices.
  • For example, out of all your invoices in Giddh, you might want to view those invoices that are greater than 1000.
  • To set a invoice status of Paid, Unpaid, Hold, and Cancel click on select action and choose desire action from drop-down.
  • Delete any generated invoice by clicking on Delete icon from the particular invoice row.

Generate Multiple Invoice:

  • Click on Preview Tab to see all the invoices which is deleted or not generated.  
  • Select the number of check-box and click on Generate Multiple button to generate multiple invoice.
  • Select the check-box and click on Generate Compound button to show more than one sales entry into single invoice. 
  • Click on Generate Compound button to merge more than one sales entry into single invoice


  • From email enter your email address from which you wish to send a generated invoice email to your customers.
  • Enter the number of days to set the Default Due Date from the invoice date.
  • Auto Mail When Generate If you select this check-box invoice send to your customer automatically at the time of invoice generation.
  • Show paid, unpaid and cancel status  seal on invoice by selecting a check-box of Show seal according to status of payment.

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