As a new user, you will be asked to enter a few details about your organisation during account Setup. If you’ve missed to fill a few fields during the setup, don’t panic. You can still do a complete set up of your organisation from the Settings tab.

Company Profile:  

In this section, you can enter basic information of your business such as company name, GSTIN, address, contact information, etc.

To set up your company, click on the menu icon present on the top left corner of the page and click on Setting then select Profile Tab.

  • Company Name: You can edit your company name entered during quick setup, in this field. 
  • Address: Provide a detailed address along with other contact details such as phone number, email id etc. You can add an additional address to receive payments.
  • PAN Number: Provide your company PAN number.
  • GSTIN: Click on add button to update your company GSTIN, state and address. If you are not registered in GSTIN than only provide state. (Note: Check to set to default)
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