Yes, with Giddh it is very easy to create taxes in accordance to the products you sell or services you render.


  • To create a new tax, simply select the gear icon labeled Settings present on the top left corner on your screen.
  • Select the tax type available on the drop down menu. This could be a GST tax or a TDS return(others).
  • Add a Unique Number, a Name to the tax you want to create in the text boxes available, and choose the account you want the tax to be linked with in the drop down menu available in Linked Account. 
  • Enter your tax percentage that can range between -100 to 100. If it is a GST tax, add 5,12, 18 or 28 according to the service you provide.
  • Choose the date & month from when you want your newly created tax to be applied using Apply Tax From.
  • Select the duration of your tax from the drop down menu labeled Tax Duration. This duration ranges from monthly and quarterly to half-yearly and yearly. 
  • Now select the tax filing date from the drop down menu available. 

Click Add for the changes to take effect. Your newly created tax will be populated in the Added Taxes table.

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