By using this feature you can send the customise email or SMS to the customers:

For enable this feature follow this steps:

  • Head to the Search column 
  • Select the Group “Sundry Debtor”
  • Apply the date filter and click on “Search”

You will get the list of all customers with their opening balance, total Dr, total Cr and Closing Balance.

 You can also apply the filter for your convenience by using “filter by accounts” option present on the left hand side.

  • Mark the customer to whom you want to send the email or SMS
  • After selecting the customer click on send as button
  • Now select the mode send as email or SMS.
  • You can also download the sheet by using download CSV option.

For sending the electronic receipt or Invoice to the customer on their email follow the given steps:

  • Go to the Invoice from Menu bar
  • Select setting option from top right corner 
  • Check the checkbox of “Auto mail when generated”
  • Click on Save button.

Send Automatic Payment Reminder to the Customer

For Automation of Payment reminder follow the below steps:

  • Go to the Invoice option from menu bar
  • Select setting button 
  • Fill the due days and socket webhook URL (Socket URL) in 4th option from top.
  • And click on save button.
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