While you give permissions you have to assign a role to the person you want to give permission to. You can either choose to assign a role from the predefined set of roles or you can create a custom role.

Here we'll explain you how to give permission by assigning a predefined role.

  1. Click on the Menu Icon on the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Now click on Settings at the bottom and find Permissions option on the screen that appears.

3. Now you can give permission to access your company to any user by their Email ID.

4. And you can assign any one of the predefined roles which are Super Admin, Admin and View.

5. You can also determine a Date Range or Past Period for which you want to give permission to that person.

6. Permissions can also be given to a specific IP Address or CIDR Range.

7. Once you have successfully given the permission you can find it in the Users section. 

The owner of the company stays the Super Admin and can revoke the permissions given to others at any time simply by clicking on the Bin Icon.

Click here, to know how to create Custom Role.

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