Absolutely, with Giddh you can choose to enable automatic capture option so that you don’t need to confirm every time a payment comes your way. Just mark the checkbox labeled ‘Automatic Capture on Payment’ to enable that option.


Linked Accounts

Giddh can be connected with a range of bank accounts, e-wallet or finance apps available from different regions across the globe. 

Just Connect your Bank to Giddh and let us do the rest!

To link your bank account account to Giddh, just head to Settings and click on Linked Accounts option. 

  • Click Connect Bank page.

  • Once you click on ‘Connect Bank’, you will be welcomed by a screen with a text field. Just type the name of your bank and it will be populated in the drop down menu given. 

  • After selecting the bank enter the login credentials for the account to be connected with Giddh.
  • Now, your account is seamlessly integrated with Giddh. You can track all your banking transactions after this integration. 

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