With Giddh, you can easily change the status of your invoices according to the payment completed on them (Paid, Unpaid, Hold, Cancel). To do this, 

  • Go to the Invoice column which can be found on the panel to the left on the Home page of Giddh. 
  • Search for the invoices you want to change the status of by either: the account they were created from, the date range or their description. 
  • Once the invoices you are looking for are populated, find the invoice you want to change the status of.
  • Select from Paid, Unpaid, Hold or Cancel from the Action To Perform drop down to change the status of that particular invoice.

Here Paid implies the invoice has been paid. Unpaid means the invoice is yet to be paid. Hold implies the invoice is on a hold status, and Cancel means the invoice has been sent but canceled because of a particular reason.

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