Giddh automatically sets your invoice number in the YYYYMMDD format with the sequence number as a suffix. For example, if you create your first invoice at 7th May 2018, it will be numbered as 20180507-1 which will increase sequentially with each new invoice. 

To change the default invoice numbers and apply custom invoice number to your invoice:

  • Go to Invoice management through control+g or Command+g or you can see this in all module.
  • Click on the Settings tab.

  • Enable the Custom Invoice option by clicking the checkbox.
  • Add the Initial Invoice No. and Invoice No. Prefix.

Your invoices will advance by one number, so you’ll just need to add an invoice number prefix and initial invoice number. 

For example, if you set 'Initial Invoice No.' to 1000 and 'Invoice No. Prefix' as JU, the next invoice you create will have the number JU 1000.

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