The monthly graph is a line graph that crunches your number and presents your monthly expenses, revenues & Profit or loss that will be spread over the twelve months of an year. 

Right below the graph you will see three different tabs- expenses, revenues and profit/loss having checkboxes. You are free to select any or all of these tabs by clicking those checkboxes. 

Once you click the checkboxes, a line graph of the respective category will be displayed. If you move your cursor to the respective month, the figures of the respective category will be displayed. 

For example, if you want to gauge the profit or loss of your company at a particular month of a year. 

  • Go to the dashboard by pressing ctrl+k(windows)/cmd+k(mac OS) and type Dashboard. 
  • Scroll down till you find a line graph in the Monthly graph box. 
  • Click on the checkbox Profit/Loss

You will be able to see each month’s profit or loss figure by moving your cursor to the point associated with a particular month. 

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