Absolutely! Giddh allows its users to search for specific transactions by several searching parameters such as their date range, particulars(type of account), and even cheque details.

Let’s assume you want to search for transactions done during specific date range. To do so:

  • Go to Daybook by clicking the notebook icon present on the left sliding panel of Giddh.
  • Choose on the date range picker by clicking Period. Here in you will be presented with the option to see all the transactions done the last day, the last 7 days, last month, last 6 months and the last year.
  • To view all the transactions done on a specific date range, click on Custom Range. Select the beginning date and an ending date from the date range picker which will be in the form of a calendar You will see the days you selected got highlighted. 
  • Now simply click on Go. 

All your transactions and activity done on the chosen date range will be populated below. 

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