Many a times business owners have the requirement of sending bulk SMS or bulk Emails to the groups they have created before. These group might consist of Sundry Debtors, Cash or Fixed Assets. Once you enter the name of group in the search text box and apply a date range, all the opening balances, closing balances, the total debit-credit along with the unique name of those groups will be populated below. 

you can get the search option from all module tab on the left panel. To do so :

  • Go to the search option on the menu or command+g and type search and select it.

  • In the select group option, select a group to whom you want to send bulk sms or email as shown below :

Example- if you want to select sundry debtors, select it and the list of the sundry debtors will appear and select the name to whom you want to send bulk sms or email.

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